The gun industry is going through a typical summer slump.  As we look back at our records we realize that almost every year we see a dramatic drop off in web traffic, sales and inquiries during the months of May-August.

This isn’t a big deal for us, but it might be a big deal for you because parts, guns and ammo are starting to become available as manufacturers get caught up with existing orders.

One manufacturer of AR’s told me that he had a 1 year backlog, but was expecting to be fully caught up by the end of the fall.  This is due to the summer slump and the fact that many dealers are now cancelling orders that they had placed allowing the manufacturers to catch up at about 15% a month on the backlog.

Great.  So what does this mean?  Your mother always told you patience was a virtue, and its no different today.  Use some self-control and you won’t have buyer’s remorse later after you have paid too much money for the gun you really had to have.  They will return.

Additionally, be patient for ammo.  Don’t pay too much for a commodity that will just be spent.  Bad idea to think you are really investing with guns and ammo.  Remember that traditionally guns will never bring you a high rate of return.  Just a thought.