I was testing a Taurus Judge recently when I had my first ever squib load.  The range I was using is an indoor range so it made me second guess myself whether it was a squib or not.  It was so loud in the range I wasn’t sure if I had a light primer strike (failure to fire) or if it was a squib load.

Luckily I followed training protocol and held the gun on target for about 30 seconds to ensure I didn’t have a hangfire.  I then opened the cylinder and removed the ammo.  I had one empty case.  A visual inspection of the breech end of the barrel showed this bullet lodged in the barrel.

45 LC squib load

45 LC squib load


This is the 45 LC squib I recovered.  It came from American Eagle Ammunition.  This brand is under Federal Ammo.  As I mentioned this is my first ever squib load.  I had a friend and fellow reloader who had them with regularity because of the rate he ran his press, but even in reloading I had not had one.

The point is to follow your training.  Had I pulled the trigger again, I would have at least damaged the barrel, and could have blown up the gun at the worst.  Not good when it is a customer’s gun, but worse when it’s your hands holding the gun.

How did I remove the bullet?  Brass rod, hammer, and a vise.  No big deal really, just another interesting day at the office.