Snubbies, like the S&W J-frame used to be talked about as sub standard to other defensive tools.  One of the main reasons had to do with the loss of velocity from their shorter barrels.

Here’s the skinny.  Bullets get better velocity from a longer barrel, because the pressure has longer to build up velocity.  Shorter barrel = shorter velocity.  Luckily for all of us time has allowed  us to progress.

Speer has developed a short barreled line of ammunition to deal with these situations.  With their new ammo, you are only giving up about 40 feet per second in 2″ barrel versus regular ammo fired from a 4″ barrel.   Not bad at all.

Understand that not all ammo is created equally.  If you have a snubby, go ahead and try the short barrel ammo.  It equalizes one of the longest held complaints about your favorite pocket gun.