This past week I delivered a Smith&Wesson 640 Pro series to a customer that had requested the Package for the gun.  The gun shown from the S&W website has dovetailed sights which may be a new feature as his did not have these.  We removed the front sight and put the Big Dot from XS in its place.

These guns come ready for moon clips which aids in faster loading, but they also still allow the gun to be fired traditionally.  They are heavier than the Airlites, but not so heavy that you wouldn’t like it.

These guns are great candidates for a work up for CCW.  When the trigger pull is smoothed and the old front sight ramp replaced they are great shooters.  With the Badger Grips installed full house .357 magnum was no problem.  If you are a Smith&Wesson fan, you might want to give these a look.