Many of you have been asking questions about the SM-1 package lately as you consider purchasing one for your needs.  Obviously it has been become a standard in the MCC lineup.  We think it offers the features that you need for a competitive price, but we thought you might be interested in hearing from a customer who just received one last week.

Hi Jeff,
Field tested the SM-1 Sat. after work.  As I said on the phone..Craftsmanship fit and finish excellent..10 of 10..Speed feed stock great..I used 00 buck, 2 brands high velocity over the counter ( 1300 fps or close) and some old buckshot I had from 2004 deer season. Not 1 ejection or feed problem in 36 rounds. Since my application was home defense ranged @  7 & 10 yards. It did what you would expect at this range. The MCC SM-1 is a high quality,  value priced,  performance package. Thanks for your work.
D. M. from Tennessee
At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what we think about a product if it doesn’t perform.  If you are considering an SM-1 for your needs, now is a great time.  We are running at about 1 week turnaround for this package.  A lot better than most of the other options out there.