A few months ago, we were asked to turn an ordinary Remington 1100 into a versatile home defense shotgun.  We liked it so much, and the response was so great we have decided to combine the best features available for the Remington family of shotguns into a package we call the SM-1.  The great part is that we use your existing Remington 870, 1100, or 1187.

This means that you can have a great home defense shotgun for under $500 with every accessory you need.  How do we save you so much?  We don’t you the gun.  So many of our customers have 2 3/4″ shotguns laying around the safe because they have upgraded through the years to the larger loads.  Now you have a use for that gun.  One customer found a Remington 1100 at a gunshow for almost nothing and turned it into a great shotgun.  Clean out your safe or get to the local gunshow and find a deal that works for you.  We supply the parts and do the rest, and you get a great combat, L/E or home defense shotgun.

We have added an entire page to the sight with a full description.