An interesting thing to come across our shop was a request to do the SM-1 in 20 gauge.  It is a great concept so that you don’t needlessly beat yourself to death, while still providing a great platform for a self-defense shotgun.  I love the 20 gauge and as others have shown, it doesn’t give up much to the 12 in buckshot testing.











This particular SM-1 was made for a the fine lady pictured above.  A great present from her husband to make her feel comfortable.  The only real difference was the stock choice.  There isn’t a Speedfeed stock for the 20 gauge version.  Everything else is the same as its big brother in 12 gauge.

The target pictured below should tell you all you need to know.  This is a great choice for those of you who don’t like recoil or don’t need to make long shots that are found in 3 gun.  Price for the package is $375.  You can add a Big Dot front sight like we did on this one for $100 more.