“Should I get night sights?” This question comes up often. Experts on both sides of the issue have some good points, so let me outline both positions and then offer some advice. Those who see the advantage of night sights will say that they help you place an accurate shot. This is a good point for low light situations, however if it is so dark that you need night sights you must decide if you can safely identify your target. If not, night sights won’t matter.

Another advantage is that you can pick up your weapon if you happen to drop it or if your house is dark. In the middle of the night you may not want to call timeout and turn on the lights. So they could help you get to your weapon faster. This may be one of the best advantages of night sights, but remember bad guys can also see things that glow in the dark.

The accurate shot debate will go on and on forever. It is true that the sights will allow you the opportunity to take a good first shot. After that, your night vision is blown and you will have to resort something else.

A good alternative to night sights is spending a day at the Tactical Shooting Academy. For the price of night sights and installation, you could take a class on point shooting. While this method of shooting has many detractors, TSA’s instructor wins in competitive shooting give it plenty of room to stand.

Now for the piece of advice. If you think you might be interested in having night sights, buy them factory installed on the gun. Why? Because you will save at least $50 if your gun happens to be a Glock. We are happy to put them your gun at a later date, but you will end up paying at least $50 more than if you bought one of our guns with night sights already installed.

So should you get them. It really boils down to a personal preference. I own guns with and without them, and feel comfortable carrying either way. If you can afford them they can be nice, but it really is a luxury item in our opinion.