The J-Frame sized revolvers have become more popular as more people are carrying for CCW.  One of the configurations that people like is the Double Action Only.  I carried one of these guns in a backup role while serving as a sworn LEO.  It rode very comfortably on my ankle and required very little maintenance.

Those are the great things about these guns.  The bad is that they kick harder than Bruce Lee, they are hard to hold with a solid grip, and they are very hard to shoot.  Make no mistake about it, if you are going to carry one of these, it would be advisable to spend a lot of time shooting the gun at the range.

If you are shooting the DAO only, you will want to practice rapid shots as well as very precise aimed shots.  A friend and I were shooting one of these the other night and we were talking about the take up point.

To shoot them precisely it will help if you learn where the take up point is.  This is point is when you pull the trigger until the hammer is almost ready to fall.  At that point you can hold the trigger as you then make a final squeeze to get the shot to break.

Try this at home with an unloaded gun, and you will see your shooting improve at the range.