Hope you all had a very nice holiday season and hopefully caught a little rest before the new year.  While we were away on our vacation we received notice from one of our readers that Blackhawk! was finally coming out with a Serpa CQC Holster for the Glock 30.  This is a long-awaited addition for 30 users.

The 30 is a surprisingly mild recoiling gun despite its weight.  For those of you with smaller hands, you should check out the 30 SF.  If you have been considering a compact 45 ACP you now have another good holster to use with it.

The Serpa CQC holsters offer a strong platform with good retention.  The gun is released by the trigger finger (This practice has led many trainers to raise safety concerns over the system itself.  Do your homework on any holster to see the pros and cons).  We have sold many of these holsters, especially to cops who want to carry off duty but don’t like the idea of carrying a weapon without retention.

As usual, Blackhawk! products are well designed and well built.  Check them out at Blackhawk.com.