Ruger Superblackhawk SM2

Every summer we take on a project that seems to require a little more.  This year the project was for a long time customer and friend.  He had received this particular Ruger Super Blackhawk after a friend passed away.  The gun was ok mechanically, but in need of some work cosmetically.  Since we were going to tear it down for rebluing, we decided to go all the way.

This gun received a full trigger job.  The creep was removed and the weight set.  We then added a free spin pawl conversion that allows the cylinder to rotate in either direction when the loading gate is open.  The sights were reworked back to original condition.  The aluminum ejector housing was removed and replaced with a steel housing.  Finally we engraved the cylinder and sent the gun out for rebluing.

What came back was something really fun to have worked with, and pure fun to shoot.  The 10 inch barrel makes the recoil go away.  This gun should provide a few good memories and hopefully a deer or two this year.

Ruger Superblackhawk SM