I mentioned that the SP101 conversion was finished now and thought you might like to hear some customer comments concerning these modifications:

Once again all I can say is wow! Was that my pistol you sent back? The trigger pull and smoothness was incredible you did a perfect job. The bead blast really made the pistol and the polish job on the trigger absolutely made the pistol more pleasurable to fire and looked great.  The XS sight was dead on and far superior to the factory sight. Now for the range report: I fired 158gr and 124gr shells about 60 rounds. Both fired well and were consistently accurate. The new grips made firing the
heavier bullets a breeze even single handed and also when using my off hand, I highly recommend them. The accuracy was increased greatly by the smoother trigger pull and lighter springs; the biggest difference was the sights. Put the dot on the bull’s eye and that’s where the bullet hit. Before with the factory sights my consistency was quite off, I could never find my line of sight. I was shooting at 20 feet and kept an approximate 3.5 inch pattern with both loads.  I must say of all the pistols I have owned this one gets the “most improved” award, you did a
great job.
D. D.

I think that sums it up better than I ever could have.