There are many reasons to consider buying one of the Ruger single actions. They are rock solid, can handle higher loads, competitively priced, and with a little work can be turned into a fantastic shooter. One of the things that I like to add on all the Ruger single actions is the Power Custom Free Spin Pawl. This part allows the cylinder to move in either direction when the loading gate is open.


When the loading gate is closed the pawl functions just like a the factory part to lift the cylinder ratchets which turns the cylinder. When the gate is opened, the pawl is disengaged to allow the cylinder to rotate freely in either direction. This make loading the cylinder much easier because you don’t have to cycle through the cylinder completely if you miss a chamber.


Power Custom sells the Free Spin Pawl for $39.99. If you have ever been inside of your Ruger Single Action you can handle the installation. The part usually requires some fitting that can be done with a belt sander and trial fitting until it works. The downside to this process is that putting the gun back together several times can be an exercise in patience.


Power Custom sends directions with the Free Spin Pawl, but oddly enough the directions were printed so small you would need a magnifying glass to read them. A detailed description of this process is found in Jerry Kuhnhausen’s Ruger Single Action book, available from Brownells for $34.95. The pictures are well done, and the manual will help you with other projects you may want to take on with your Ruger.


We offer this service as part of our Ruger SA builds or individually on your gun.  If you have been considering an action job anyway, this is the perfect time to have both done while we are already inside the gun.