I was thinking about how revolvers are so complex.  They really are like the proverbial mouse trap.  Everything must be fitted precisely to work in the right way.  Take for instance the issue of trigger return.  So many times a gun is fitted with a trigger return spring that is much lighter than the factory spring.  This sounds good at first, but in the end, it ends up being of little benefit if it causes short strokes.

The trigger must return, i.e. reset, as fast as your finger.  If you install a return spring that is too light, it may cause the trigger to be too sluggish in its forward movement.  That leads to a malfunction.  On older Smiths, it can cause the safety block to not function properly.

That is why I don’t ever buy kits for revolvers that come in the shop.  I like to have several different weight springs for testing.  When you find the balance of smoothness and solid return you are finished.

Don’t sacrifice sound function for  a feel good trigger.  You can actually have both with the right springs.