I have had a  lot of revolvers come in the shop over the last few day for trigger work.  I am going to limit this to the Double Action portion of the firing cycle.  If you have a revolver that allows you to shoot Single Action, that portion probably doesn’t need to adjusted, but often the DA portion needs to be addressed.

If you are looking at this mod, here are a few parameters;

  1. Springs by themselves are not the answer.  Just slapping a few springs in will not make up for the shortcomings of a factory revolver job.
  2. In DA mode, you must be careful to not have too much adjustment, because you run the risk for light primer strikes.  If you are thinking that it will be lessened to 1911 weights, you won’t be happy.
  3. The idea is to smooth the trigger pull process without affecting geometry or design.

Your DA revolver pull can be made a lot better, but knowing these parameters will help you have a realistic idea of what your gunsmith can do.  A good DA trigger job will smooth the action making a MUCH easier to pull because you won’t feel the trigger ratcheting.  It will make it a lot of fun, and you will be more accurate because you are not fighting the mechanics of the gun.