One of our customers asked us to clear up a few terms used for modifications on revolvers.

Crowning the barrel-the crown of your barrel is beveled edge at the muzzle end of the barrel.  Most are cut to 11 degrees.  You would need your crown recut if you had dings in the beveled edge.  The crown plays a large role in accuracy.  Most of the time the crown is fine.

Chamfering the cylinder-Chamfering the cylinder is when you break the edge of each of the chambers on the cylinder.  The chambers are then polished to remove all cutting marks.  This aids in smoother reloads.

Moon Clips-Many revolver shooters prefer moon clips for their guns.  Moon clips aid in the reloading time of the revolver.  If you have ever seen Jerry Miculek shoot you know what I mean.  He uses them.


Moon clips are useful, but they will not allow you to shoot the revolver traditionally anymore.  The extractor will not work.  Unless. . . you have the mod done like S&W is doing with the Pro series of revolvers.  Then you can use either.