I just got back from Ukraine where I was on a mission/humanitarian trip.  This explains my absence from writing up to date information.  We had a great time, but as you can imagine, the Russian keyboard is not friendly to those of us who have never seen it before!

One of the interesting things I got to do was go to a sporting goods store that was a short walk from our hotel.  It was a chain store that I had seen in other parts of the city.  It was decorated very nicely with tons of trophies on the wall.  They sold all things sporting goods.  Most knives and apparel were about the same price that you would expect to pay in the us.

They had a small selection of pistols.  Most of them were off brands that looked used even though they were new.  Several autos, but mostly revolvers were available.

It was obvious that rifles and shotguns were the main attraction.  I even got to see my first Kreighoff rifle.  Probably the most expensive rifle I have ever seen.  The wood on the gun was unbelievable.  Perfect checkering and great color and contrast made it a perfect match to the gun.

It was neat to see the sporting goods of another country.  If you are interested, I read an article in an English language paper over there that advertised full auto excursions.  If you ever go, that would be a neat way to spend the day.