We’ve been asked a lot lately about feeding problems with the Remington 1100.  A lot of this is the stuff of unfounded rumors and old tales.  The 1100 was originally made in 2 3/4″ chamber, and when they added the 3″ chamber there were feeding issues especially among light loads.  In fact, the first 1100 I ever owned was a 3″ that had been modified by its original owner so that it would cycle light loads.  I can verify that it will simply run anything that I have ever thrown at it from game loads to buckshot to target loads.

If you have a 1100 that you would like to convert to the SM-1 package you don’t have anything to worry about.  We will make sure that you have a reliable gun that will run game loads, buckshot and slugs as that is what you are most likely to use during a 3 gun match or in a L/E application.

Remington rectified these feeding problems with the introduction of the 1187, but don’t count the 1100 out yet.  Remington keeps making them, accessories are readily available, and plenty of people are still using them.  As far as a tactical shotgun goes, you won’t go wrong with that old 1100 that you have sitting in the closet.