I guess there is a first time for everything.  Last week, I was performing one of our SM-1 conversions when I accidentally used the wrong drill bit to open up a gas port making the gun not only kick like a mule, but unsafe to use.  You can imagine my despair.  Not only had I wrecked a barrel, but I had to call a very nice customer and explain the error of my ways.  Luckily, he was completely understanding, and I offered to replace his barrel with a factory new barrel from Remington.

This barrel was a surprise and a pretty cool upgrade so I think it is going to work out for both of us in the long run.  The barrel comes with many features that are not available on a standard SM-1.

The first are the rifle sights.  They are mounted to the barrel and give an unbelievable sight picture.  The second is that it is threaded for choke tubes.  The third feature is that it comes with Improved Cylinder and Rifled choke tubes and a choke tube wrench.  The barrel itself is 21 inches which makes it a very manageable self-defense or woods gun.

The barrel sells for almost $200, but I’m thinking I might could work this into an SM-1 package that will sell for $100 more.  The advantage to you is that you can keep your standard barrel for hunting or shooting clays, and the advantage for me is that it takes away any possibility that I will grab the wrong drill bit.

I’m going to the range tomorrow so I’ll give a report on how it performs.