Reloading is a great way for you to enjoy your hobby without actually being able to get out and shoot.  When I first started shooting, I only got to do it about once a month at a local Cowboy Action shoot, so reloading .45 Long Colt was not only cheaper than buying ammo, it was also a great way to stay connected to my hobby even though I wasn’t actually shooting.

To begin this series it is important that I give credit where credit is due.  One of my dad’s coworkers took an interest in me because he liked shooting as well.  He actually took the time over a Christmas break to teach me how to load .45 Long Colt.  He convinced me that an initial investment in some equipment would pay off in the long run, and he also told me about how much fun it was to shoot your own loads.  That first day spent reloading gave me the bug, and I have been doing it ever since.

My second major step in reloading came from a friend who became like a brother.  Andy taught me the value of the progressive press.  The price for equipment went up, but so did the round count!  We were shooting competitively so reloading was a must for the budget.  Andy introduced me to custom loads, technical data, and the idea that reloading done correctly could produce a better round than the factory.

If you are a reloader, make sure you pass that knowledge along to someone who can use it.  Right now is a great time to start reloading.  With minimal investment you can have your hobby in your home and have the satisfaction of turning out some great loads.  If you are unsure about reloading, ask your local shop if they know of anyone who reloads a lot.  More than likely, they would love to show someone else how to enjoy their hobby.

Thanks Ken and Andy for helping me so much.