Many people think that putting a gun in a gun case is a great way to offer protection to the gun.  This is certainly true traveling to and from the range where the gun’s finish might get dinged or scratched while driving.  What most people don’t know is that long term storage in a gun case will eventually cause your gun to rust. 

The cloth that most cases are made from is actually a moisture attractant.  It will grab moisture from the air and cause the gun to oxodize while it is stored.  This week I gave out some advice to a friend that had this happen, and I also replaced a barrel that was ruined from storing the gun in a soft sided case. 

The best way to protect your gun for storage is to store it in a safe that has a climate control device.  I have used golden rods for years.  They emit a small amount of heat that keeps the safe’s temperature steady.  This does not allow condensation to form in the safe.  Make sure you have one of these in your safe if your safe is in a garage or other room that is not climate controlled.  As always put a light film of your favorite gun oil on the gun to prevent any moisture build up. 

If your guns are in a soft sided case, get them out before it is too late to save their finish.  Rust on a gun is like a cancer; it very seldom is eradicated without major, invasive procedures.