It is amazing how the election of leaders can change an industry.  Two weeks before the election you could get any AR that you wanted.  One distributor we regularly deal with had over 1,200 lowers in stock.  Now lowers are like gold.  People are selling their pets and houses to be able to get them.  In fact, most distributors have been wiped out with the rush to buy before President Elect Obama is sworn into office.  So the country is in a recession, but the gun industry is booming.

Last week at the Nashville gun show the line was 100 deep to get in.  The TN Criminal Instant Check System reported its 2nd highest day of activity since inception.  The week of the election over 8,000 checks were done in TN.  People are starting to get ready for what they believe will be the end of an era in American gun ownership.  Because we have had so many questions about what to do during these uncertain times we have put together a few thoughts to get you through.

  1. If you are interested in buying an AR, you might want to go ahead and get your lower.  These are seen to be targets of the any type of ban that may come down the pike.  If history was to repeat itself you would be covered by having a pre-ban lower.  If you never have to use it you are only out $150.  You can build it out or sell it later.
  2. Think about getting a few more high capacity magazines.  These were also regulated during the Clinton Crime ban.
  3. If you are in an industry, like the auto industry, that is affected by the economy the answer is not a stimulus package or government bailout.  Just let the president start talking about banning cars.  Sales go through the roof and everyone is happy.

Other than the two real things and the one economic insight, just don’t worry.  Do not be motivated by fear to buy out your local gun store.  If you cover your bases with some small purchases you should be fine.