I have worn paddle holsters for years in various configurations of Kydex and leather.  Most of the time it was one of the inexpensive versions from Uncle Mike’s for IDPA.  They are great for the person who lives in civilian life where there are places that the firearm is not allowed.  Need to go to the post office?  Take of the holster and leave it in the car.  They are very easy to get on and off once you get the hang of it.

The thing I noticed the other day was how uncomfortable they are.  I was driving around enjoying Christmas lights with the family and my Sig 229 was riding in a Safariland paddle holster.  The Sig wasn’t the problem, but the plastic paddle was wearing out my hip.  It just reminded me how much more comfortable leather is in that respect.  No problems with the back of the holster making you tender.

I also was reminded how simple it is to conceal with a belt holster whether IWB or standard.  The paddles offset the holster away from the torso making me feel like I am wearing a brick under my coat.  With a belt holster the butt of the gun is pulled in to the torso making a more concealable option.

Paddles are fine, but leather is going to be my choice.