You are at the local gun show.  While perusing the tables you run across an unbelievable gun.  You have been looking for this gun for months.  The condition is pretty good.  The price is right.  One problem, no serial number.  Is this a problem or not.

If the gun you are looking at was manufactured before 1968 (source – ATF Knoxville Field Office), it may or may not have a serial number.  Some companies used them, and others didn’t.  So it is entirely possible that the firearm you are looking at is legal to own.

On the other hand, if the serial number has been tampered with or obliterated from the gun, it is PROBLEMA GRANDE!  You do not want to be in possession of a firearm like this.  Walk away from that deal.

If you find yourself having inherited a firearm with an obliterated serial number, or you were unaware of this law you have several options.  You can destroy serialized portion of the gun and keep the rest for parts.  You can also turn it over to local law enforcement.  Whatever you decide to do, just don’t keep it in your possession.  It simply isn’t worth it.