Today I have the privilege of taking some guys out for their first real shooting experience.  We have talked about this at other times, but it is good to have a reminder on this subject regularly for our newer readers.  All of us have a great responsibility to be educators.  You have a knowledge about one of the greatest past times in our history, and for you to share that knowledge will be imperative for its survival.  Whether it’s hunting or target shooting, you can introduce people to a fun way to spend time with family and friends, but make sure you do it right.

Starting a new shooter on a 44 magnum is not a good idea.  Even though you may find it terribly funny to watch them wince in pain after the first shot, and you may even get lucky enough to see the a great mark on their face after the gun flies out of their hands, you need to start them with something that will fun and manageable.  Luckily we have the 22 long rifle.  If you don’t already own a few guns in this chambering you should.  Not only are they fun to shoot, but you won’t break the bank teaching anyone how to shoot.

It is imperative that you use something small to start, because you want to instill good marksmanship principles in your shooters as they start.  If you get them into your 10mm Glock, you will probably instill a very noticeable flinch!  After they are comfortable with the 22 long rifle, don’t hesitate to move them into a major caliber like 9mm.  Keep in mind that you are trying to work them into this slowly.  They don’t need to shoot everything you have on the first day.  If they start to regress in the major caliber, go back to 22 long rifle.

If you will be patient enough to teach someone the right way, they will likely enjoy the hobby and see the benefits of it for themselves.  However, if you go too fast, the experience will leave them wondering why they spent a frustrating day hitting nothing that they aimed at while they were pounded by guns that were way out of their skill level.

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