Saturday I attended a gun show at the TN State Fairgrounds in Nashville, TN. When I go I am generally looking for older collectible firearms, and any type of memorabilia. Unfortunately I didn’t find much of either that was all that interesting. What I did see was plenty of people walking around not buying a whole lot. Maybe it’s because it’s so hard to find anything from our distributors right now. I have had two sales walk out of the shop because no one could fill the orders for me.

The interesting thing is that there were so many people trying to sell lowers for AR’s. I didn’t see any of them moving, but everyone there was working a deal. One place offered a “free” t-shirt with the purchase of a lower. Others offered out the door prices or tax included prices.

What was missing was the it factor that we all look for at shows. That certain piece for our collection. The latest greatest gadgets. Maybe just something to splurge on. I guess I wasn’t the only one because none of my friends bought anything either.