I have been telling you that we are finalizing our Training Academy with the state of TN.  Despite the fact they were not very welcoming of my Virginia credentials, we are going to be able to move forward.  I appreciate all the time the state has spent with me on the phone to work out exactly what we needed to do.  Hopefully by the end of March 2010 we will be fully operational.  We are currently working up our class structures and course outlines.  We will immediately be offering the TN State required class to obtain your TN Handgun Permit.

You may be wondering why we are going to start offering classes through the formation of our Training Academy.  I don’t think any gunsmith ever gets into this business without a love for education.  I have been an educator in the private school system, and I continue to want to be teaching people.  This website is the most obvious expression of that desire. We constantly want to let you know about things that are helpful to make you a better shooter, cop or hunter.  The other reason is that safe gun practices make all of us better.  If we train ourselves to be better at safety everyone around us benefits.

Our classes will not be tactical.  They will not be for “cyber shooters”.  They won’t teach when you should or should not use a gun.  What they will do is prepare you for gun ownership, gun safety, and get you ready to apply for you TN Handgun Permit.

In the coming days we will be outlining what you can expect from all our classes, including our ladies only classes.  Stay tuned for more information, and thanks to everyone who is working behind the scenes to make this a reality.