One of the newest adventures I have had recently has been to work on starting a company that will go hand in hand with MCC.  Mossy Creek Arms has been developed to offer something a little different in the AR-15 market.  Saturday we were able to put the first gun together, and it is awesome.  I want to remind you these are not your standard run of the mill guns.  These guns are come from our shop in Nashville with loads of features you won’t see standard anywhere else.

For instance we are only using the Magpul line of stocks and pistol grips on our guns.  Magpul magazines come factory standard.  Our guns come standard with Backup sights.

Want it to be different than factory, all you have to do is call.  We are in the business of making the gun fit the shooter, not the other way around.

By the way for those of you who want to “Do it Yourself, Not By Yourself,” why not come and build your own rifle from one in our shop.  This allows you to customize before it ever leaves the shop and gives you complete control over design.

Be looking for the Model 1542 to debut at a cookout soon.  Those who come to the cookout will be able to run one of the guns and receive a discount at the time of purchase.