Many of you saw the AMU video the other day, and it peaked your interest. It also got us thinking. We checked the some of the local matches in Nashville and found that there just aren’t a lot of people participating. This was surprising because in our former location it was not usual to have 50 people participating in a monthly IDPA match.

So this is the question; Where are all the competitive shooters in Nashville? We are interested in your comments and responses.

It also leads us to a new area of thought. MCC is interested in sponsoring a shooting team that could represent us in Nashville, at state matches and even on a national level. Let me outline the qualifications for a shooter to represent us.

  1. You must actively compete. Once in a while just won’t work.
  2. We really want at least one top level shooter, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t interested in shooters who are moving up in the ranks. You should be willing to submit match scores in local and state level matches.
  3. We want at least two shooters represented who are close to Nashville which is our home base, but we are also willing to work with shooters from outside the state.
  4. You must have good moral character. We want people who will be well spoken and represent the brand well in the shooting community.

If this describes you please email us to start some discussion. Send us your information, match history, whether you compete in IDPA, IPSC, or 3 Gun and where you are located. We will then tell you what is involved for those that are chosen.

Thanks for your interest.