The response to our mag release video has been great.  Many of you are getting your extensions ordered as we speak.  Every day we are getting inquires about the extensions. So, thanks for your interest.  We appreciate all of you.

We have been getting asked this question by enough of you that I thought it would be prudent to put this out there.  The MCC Glock Extended Mag Release is in stock and ready to ship right now for $20 plus $5 USPS.

We are always ready to put this mod on for you, but it will end up costing you around $40 in shipping if because of UPS and Fed Ex shipping rates.  Obviously, if you are not getting other work done on your pistol like a trigger job or night sights, this probably isn’t prudent.

But have no fear!! You have the tools to install this one yourself.  All you need is a flat tip screwdriver.  If you get a stuck, give us a call, and we will walk you through it.  No worries.

The MCC extension and the Ghost extension are both great answers for those of you looking to make it easier to change mags quickly.  We don’t think you will be disappointed.