This week I finished a Glock 19 with the MCC Carry Package plus the MCC Extended Kit.  Through the years this has been our most popular work for the Glock.  We still find after all these years that the Glock 19 is our favorite model.  The size is just perfect for about anything that you might get into.  For CCW, it offers the best compromise of any of the Glocks, and the 9mm has improved in defensive loads so that it really doesn’t give up anything like it did in the past.

If you are running an older Glock, this is the package for you.  If your Glock is new, then there are few things you don’t need.  Recoil assemblies, mag springs etc can wait until they have more wear.  But all of these guns benefit from better sights and triggers.  Add in the Extended Control Kit and you are good to go.  That is what I run on my personal Glock.