One of the most popular kits that we have is the MCC Extended Control Kit.  You get a MCC Extended Glock Mag Release that gives you an extended release that has been rounded over in our shop to get rid of all the sharp edges.  The MCC release is also slightly shorter than the factory extended release which makes it good for CCW and duty applications.

The Glock Extended Slide Release or Slide Stop Lever is for all 3 pin guns.  It is longer for a faster release.  This greatly helps in reloads.  The Extended Slide Release has a positive feel to make your reloads smooth and sure.

To kick off the new site, we are going to throw in something extra for you.  For the rest of the week (2/15-2/19/2010) or until we sell out, we will give you a free Glock Factory Extended Mag Release as well.  This is a $6.95 value.  Remember the Glock Factory Extended Mag Release is for 9mm, 40 S&W and .357 sig.