Many times people ask me to compare MCC to other custom gunsmiths that are doing similar work.  They want to know what the differences are which is a hard question to answer because we don’t measure our success in competition with other shops.  So here is my best answer.

What makes MCC stand out from other shops is the commitment to a relationship with you.  Most of business comes from referral or repeat customers because of the relationship that we have with you.  Sure, we offer quick turnaround time on all our standard packages, but its the ability to get to know you as a shooter and person that makes us better able to serve you.  Yes, we feel like our prices are fair for the work we do, but what does that matter if you end up just being a number for someone.

We are not worried about setting the world on fire.  We will leave that to other shops.  Our goal is to get to know you so that we can serve you.  That’s why we always have time for your emails, comments on the blog, or phone calls.  We want to know you and be known by you.  I guess its simply our belief that at the end of the day “You wanna go where everybody knows your name.”

For us its that simple.  We don’t compare ourselves to other shops.