Just a reminder that you need to keep your guns wiped down.  It doesn’t take a much to make a wipe down rag.  All you need is a zip lock bag from your wife, a very soft cloth or t-shirt, and some of your favorite gun oil.  We use Break-Free CLP because it is readily accessible in our shop, but any oil will do.  Put some on the cloth and make sure it covers the cloth evenly.  Then put it in the zip-lock bag until you need it again.

If you have a gun in storage, set specific times every year that you will take them out to wipe them down.  We recomend doing it every few months.  Cover all the metal with the cloth.  If you keep your zip lock bag sealed up, you shouldn’t have to put oil on it very often.  By the way, DO NOT oil your wood.  It will shine it up, but the oil will eventually hurt the wood.