If you are wanting to get a little more accuracy out of your AR  you should check out the Magpul Precision Rifle Stock or PRS.  This is a stock that I have had the chance to put on a few guns, and I am really impressed with it.

Everything in the AR market has been geared for the tactical/blaster type gun in the last few years.  This is the most popular segment of the market for AR’s, but it overlooks the accuracy that is capable from these rifles.  Many people are now discovering that their AR is a great varmint, hunting, or target rifle.

The Magpul’s PRS stock can adjust for length of pull and comb giving you a consistent platform for accurate shooting.  The full adaptability allows you to adjust the stock to your body instead of always trying to contort your body to the right shooting position.

The PRS is available for AR-15 and AR-10 platforms.  Cost is around $250.