I was test firing the other day, and it reminded me how important magazines are for your semi-automatic weapons.  By the way, a clip is sometimes referred to as a magazine, but only by the uniformed.  Don’t make the same mistake that I did and call it a clip to a professional if you want to be taken seriously.  Anyway, back to the point of test firing.

In any semi-auto, the magazine will often be the weak link to most of the malfunctions that you are having.  This was true with the a Colt Defender that I was testing.  The stock colt magazine wanted to do some funny stuff with the last round every time I shot.  It was actually flipping the last round straight up into a stovepipe jam, bullet facing up.  I tried a McCormick mag and a Wilson Mag and it remedied the problem.

Obviously both of the mags mentioned are a little more than some that are available.  However, if it helps your gun function reliably, what does it matter if you spent $10 more.  Take the time to make sure all of your mags function reliably, and you will have a better time shooting and the peace of mind to use your gun for defense.