Today I had a lunch with David from LifeView Outdoors.  They are a newer company that is offering some great deals on outdoor gear of all types.  They are located in Nashville and have recently started carrying some tactical knives from brands like SOG and Benchmade to name a few.

David told me that business has been good lately, which makes us all feel a little better in the current situation we face, and that one item they can’t keep in stock is the Ka-Bar Dozier in pink.


Evidently there are plenty of women out there that know a good knife when they see one.  Don’t let it surprise you that more and more women are carrying tactical folders or that they want their knives to look as good as they perform.  Ladies everywhere have jumped into the realm of self-protection like never before.

If you are looking for a good tactical folder, or your next piece of camping gear give LifeView Outdoors a call.  With prices that are competitive with all of the box stores, you won’t be disappointed.