What is the best 1911?  This is a question that is debated a lot, and if you are considering a 1911, I want to help you make a wise choice.  The best 1911’s I’ve ever seen are from Sams Custom Gunworks, but if you don’t want to spend $1500 + and wait a year you will have to choose between several production guns.

Most of you are familiar with Springfield Armory and Kimber pistols, so I will limit my discussion to these two brands.  I personally have a problem called coltitus.  I seem to have a sick fascination with Colt products even though they refuse to bring their quality and options up to the new standards that have been set by companies like Kimber and Springfield, and it seems like in today’s market they are the two clear leaders in production 1911’s.

If you were to ask me today, I would without reservation push you towards Springfield.  They seem to be making some great pistols that are economical, and the most important thing is that their pistols run.  I have had a lot of shooters through the years purchase the Springfields without any complaints.  You simply don’t see the jam issues that several 1911 makers have.

I have had several experiences with Kimbers that jammed as a day of training or competition wore on, and I have seen one that almost ended a man’s class when his pistol would not shoot through a magazine without jamming.  No doubt Kimber makes some of the best looking pistols around, but for the money and reliability out of the box you can’t beat the Springfields as an overall package.  The decision really comes down to whether or not you want to put extra money in your gun.  If that isn’t a factor you might look at the Kimber, but be cautioned, just because they cost more doesn’t mean you are getting a better product.

If you are putting $1200 in a 1911, you should think about saving a little more for a custom pistol that will be rock solid reliable and accurate.  Otherwise, look to the Springfield line of pistols, and I think you will be pleased.