Do you have a plan in place to teach your children firearms safety?  If you don’t you are waiting for an accident to happen.  As a gun owner you have a responsibility to make sure that everyone in the house learns the importance of gun safety and gun handling.

I was reminded of this the other day when my child asked what dad was doing in the shop.  At 3 years old, I can’t teach much, but we have already started the conversation about never touching guns without dad’s permission, and we have already talked about the fact that they are not a toy.  By the way, denying guns exist in the world or your house for that matter is a disservice to your children.  If you try to pretend that you live in a world that is gun free, go to the local playground and watch the boys using sticks for guns.  No one has to teach them that they exist, but you can teach them how to exist with them.

If you have a gun in the home, please make sure that you keep them locked up.  Remember, you are responsible if a minor takes a gun from your home that was not secured and uses it to commit a crime.  Spend the money and get a safe.  Start talking about gun safety early and often.  When your child is old enough think about Hunter’s Safety Course or the Eddie Eagle program that the NRA sponsors.  We should all work hard to make sure responsible gun ownership continues in our country by making sure less people become a statistic.  It really isn’t that hard.