We are not sure of all the particulars at this time, but we just received word from TICS that K-Mart is liquidating all remaining guns and will not be selling anymore in TN.  At this point we don’t have any word as to national sales, but it may be safe to assume that they will be discontinued.

This means several things for the gun industry in your area.  If you have a local K-Mart with guns, you may want to see if you can score a deal before the holidays.  It also shows a growing trend toward the smaller more traditional gun stores.  When I first moved to Nashville in 1991, there were still many big box stores still selling handguns.  While good for the consumer on the one hand, it actually hurt them in the long run.  If you can buy a gun at a great deal, but can’t get accessories, ammunition, or service to customize or repair then you may be losing in the long run.  Now it is hard to find a big box store that still has a thorough representation of all types of firearms.

We say this all the time; Support your local shop! Having a good relationship with your local shop helps everyone.