This month has been a busy month in Nashville.  Every weekend has had a least one gun show going on.  I recently went to one to gauge the temperature of the market, and I spoke with a customer who attended one this weekend where he sold a few things and traded for a few more.  I want to give you a few observations about the current state of the gun business.

  1. Ammo prices are up.  With the continuing war in the middle east, the prospect of a non-shooter for president, and the entrance of several large countries into the new emerging first world market, prices continue to rise.  For several years this trend has continued to be a problem for shooters.  It wasn’t that long ago that the Winchester white box of 9mm at Walmart was only $11.  Find that today and you had better score as much of it as you can.  The solution to this is to buy in bulk.  Try to get a few friends to go in with you and buy from some of the on-line sources out there.
  2. New Guns are stable.  Prices have not risen that dramatically.  Glocks continue to do well, but their price point is stable.  If you want a new gun, the end of the year may be a great time to buy.  Dealers will be thinking about profit/loss margins.
  3. Used Guns are strong.  I have been looking for a Colt Delta Elite 10mm for sometime, and I have learned that I should have bought it a year ago.  People are buying and selling their used guns still, but those prices are continuing to climb.  The exception will be people who bought too many guns and can’t keep them during the economic crunch.  Be looking for these in the paper or at gun shows.
  4. Gun shows still sell too much junk.  Can someone actually put on a gun show without all of the peanut vendors and war memorabilia?  I would love to find a gun show!  Especially a show with lots of quality old stuff.