A friend called yesterday to see if I could advise him on an ammo purchase.  One of his workout partners is getting an AR for a birthday present from his wife.  That in and of itself should be a blog post.  How great is it when family gets who you are so much they can buy you an AR?  Anyway, my friend wanted to buy some ammo for a birthday present and wondered what he should get.

If you are buying for someone else it is not critical what brand, weight, or actually bullet, i.e. hollow point or round point, that you buy in 99% of cases.  They will be glad that you thought of them and gladly shoot your ammo present.  The only time it matters is if they are using the gun with a scope or they are a precision competitor.  If they happen to fall into those categories, give them a gift certificate to a local shop where they can buy what they want.  Otherwise, buy the cheapest ammo available that gives you the most bang for your buck (pun unfortunately intended).  They will appreciate your thoughtfulness and have a great time using  your gift.