If you have been considering obtaining a TN Handgun Permit you are required to take a class that is at least 8 hours long that will cover some of the basic fundamentals of shooting  and safety as well as give you a basic understanding of TN laws pertaining to the handgun permit.  You may be thinking that the course is worthless because you are already a great shooter, have knowledge of the laws because you found them on the internet, and have a full understanding of the responsibilities being a handgun permit holder.

I want to encourage you to revisit all 3 of those assumptions.  Are you familiar with the liability that TN places on each bullet that leaves your firearm?  Have you no room to improve by revisiting the fundamentals?  One of my favorite things to do is to take “good shooters” to an IDPA match and let them discover a dynamic world that isn’t shooting cans on the back 40.  It can be humbling.  We all need to be reminded of the fundamentals as we progress.

At our handgun permit class you will be challenged to improve your general knowledge of firearms use, nomenclature and function.  You will be taught by competition shooters, sworn law enforcement and even a FBI certified firearms instructor who regularly qualifies the marksman for a TN law enforcement agency.  All of our instructors bring something to the table that will help you become a better shooter.

Don’t blow off the class as something to go through.  These classes will build a solid base if you are a new shooter and help the seasoned shooter refocus on fundamentals and marksmanship.  In the end it might be 8 hours that saves your life and livelihood.