One of the places that you should think about protection is church.  I know it seems odd to take a weapon into a peaceful assembly, but with recent shootings a different churches, there seems to be a responsibility to consider the safety of parishioners.

Churches have several options that should be considered.  The easiest is to pay off duty police officers to work inside the buildings and out in the parking lots when services are in session.  By hiring local deputies or officers, you not only protect yourself, but you also add a certain peace of mind to the members of your church whenever they see a uniformed LEO.

Another option is to hire full-time security to work at the church.  This is very costly and gives different levels of satisfaction.  But, when you consider the alternative of no security it is definitely an option.

The final option that no one wants to talk about is CCW’s at church.  Some states do not permit you to carry a CCW while services are in session.  There is also the liability issue for the church.  If you have a CCW you may want to speak with your pastor about his feelings if it is lawful in your state.  While the pastor may not want armed parishioners, he/she may be willing to form a security team that you could coordinate.

Whatever you decide, make sure you look at these options.  If your church currently doesn’t have a plan in place, take it upon yourself to investigate your legal options and bring them to the leadership.  Everyone will be grateful that you did.