Do you have some guns or accessories you would like to sell, but don’t really feel comfortable putting an add in the paper?  You should give Gunbroker a try.  We have been using gunbroker for years to buy and sell, and have had great experiences with the people in the community  Gunbroker is an auction site similar to ebay.  If you live in a rural area where there are not a lot of shops around it can be a great way to acquire those hard to find guns you have been looking for or sell guns you no longer use.  Here are the basic steps for selling on gunbroker.

  1. Sign for an account.  Do not use your real name.  Make up something cool like 1911guy, judgedread, or just something simple like ajb221.  It really doesn’t matter.
  2. If you want to list your guns for sale, take good pictures.  You may want to set the file size on your camera to a smaller setting so they will load faster.
  3. Decide what you need to make  from the sale and list the item.  Before you list, look at similar items to see how much they are bringing.  There are two schools of thought; the 1st says you set the item at $0.00 and let it go either with or without reserve.  I will tell you that most people don’t like reserves because they feel like you are wasting their time.  If you set a reserve, make it the lowest price you are willing to accept for that gun.  The 2nd says start the auction at the lowest price you are willing to accept.  If you feel like your 1911 is worth $500, start it there without a reserve.  This gives everyone a true picture of your intentions.  One feature not to use if you can help it is the auction’s buy now feature.  What is the point of an auction that starts at $0.00 with a reserve and a buy now option?
  4. Give the best description that you can of the firearm’s manufacture, condition, and caliber.  You absolutely must be honest.  If you say it is 99% condition it better not have a scratch on it.  Remember people are trusting you to give them a fair assessment.
  5. Use set shipping fees when possible.  People want to know what you are going to charge them to ship before they bid.
  6. If you are going to take personal checks, make sure they clear your bank, normally about 7 business days, before you ship the item.  I have never been hosed on gunbroker, but it could happen.  Make sure you package the items well and always buy insurance with your carrier.  If you need gun boxes, check out Cameron Packing.
  7. Communicate well with the buyer about when and how you are shipping.  Tell them the carrier, tracking number etc.  All of these things will help you keep positive ratings which show how much people trust you.
  8. Ship and respond promptly.  People love it when you are on the ball.  Don’t list your stuff right before your Grand Canyon float trip where you won’t have email access or the ability to communicate with the winners of your auctions.
  9. ONLY SHIP GUNS TO LICENSED FFL’S.  Your buyer should send you a signed copy of a Federal Firearms License.  Do not ship guns to anyone else, no matter what they say.  This, my friends, could win you a felony charge and stiped wardrobe.
  10. When the auction is complete and everything is shipped, go back and leave feedback for you buyer.  Feedback is like gold for gunbroker.  If everything went smootly from your buyer, and you don’t leave feedback people will be put out to say the least.

I hope this helps you sell those items that you have been looking to get rid of.