If you are looking to find something that your local shop doesn’t carry whether new or used, check out Gunbroker.  Here are the steps you should take to buy items.

  1. Sign up for an account.  (See seller’s tutorial for info).
  2. Before you bid on anything you will need to find a Licensed Dealer who will complete the firearms transfer for you.  If you wait until after the auction is over it may delay things in the transaction resulting in negative feedback.
  3. Watch the auction you are interested in by using the My Auctions feature.  This allows you to create a watch list for any potential purchases.
  4. Don’t bid too early.  If you do, you will be driving the price up needlessly.
  5. Don’t get buyers fever.  You need to be able to walk away.  There will probably be another auction for the same item.
  6. Before you bid take into consideration the final value of the auction, your FFL transfer fee, any background check fees your state may assess, and shipping.  It may not be wise to buy a new gun from gunbroker once you see what you are actually going to pay.
  7. If you win, contact the seller and identify yourself as the winner with specific details of the auction you have won.
  8. Use a money order or certified check from your bank.  It will speed up the time of shipment.
  9. Send your money order, copy of your dealer’s license and printout of the auction to the seller.
  10. Always leave feedback as soon as everything is completed.  Feedback is your reputation on gunbroker.  You don’t need to say much, one line will do.  But make sure you do it.

Hope this will help you get started buying all of the needless stuff your wife never wanted you to have.  Aren’t hobbies great?