Recently we were asked to build a kit gun for a school project.  Yes,  I know.  Hard to believe.  A local high school is teaching history by having students recreate it.  Options included a Kentucky Long Rifle, a pistol or a period correct knife.

Two students that I go to church with asked for my help.  One is building the Kentucky Rifle from a Traditions Performance Kit.  The other is building a Confederate Bowie knife from Dixie Gun Works.  We haven’t received the Kentucky Rifle kit, but we did get a chance to check out the knife kit.  It is awesome.  It could actually almost pass as a good machete.

What has been cool about both of these projects is that they have brought people together.  Can you imagine what it would have been like to build a knife with your dad for school?  I commend the school and teacher for allowing boys to be boys.  In case you were wondering, it is a private school.

The muzzle loader should be here next week.  We will post some pics as it comes together.  Should be very interesting.  In the meantime, find a cool school for your future gunsmith or blacksmith to attend.  It might be right around the corner from you.