As a follow up to yesterday’s post, I wanted to mention what we use in the shop.  For general purposes we use Break Free CLP.  It can be used as a cleaner, lube and protector.  We find it to be mild smelling and does a great job.  If you are thinking about something to have that does it all, try the break free.

For storage purposes and the like we always have some Rem Oil

around.  It can be sprayed on and the excess wiped off with a soft cloth.  We find that it does a good job keeping the guns lubed up and free from rust.  You can easily make a gun cloth by spraying some Rem Oil on a soft cloth that you keep in a zip lock bag.  As it dries out apply more Rem Oil.

Either of these will get the job done, and they are both available locally.  As you know there are a plethora of different lubes that everyone will tell you are the best.  We won’t go that far, but we will tell you these work fine.