I recently wrote a few posts lamenting the fact that the AR really doesn’t have a good bargain option. Well, the other day a customer of mine asked me if I had ever heard of CMMG. I confessed that I had not, but he quickly got my attention by saying they were offering a used AR for $570 plus $15 shipping. These guns are L/E trade ins, and advertised as guns that won’t win any beauty contests so I was interested to see them.

I received his gun on Friday, and I was more than impressed. First of all CMMG, had everything packaged right from his information to a packet containing information for the dealer. After doing a little checking, I haven’t seen anything negative written about them yet. They seem to have a great customer service history.

Second, this gun had absolutely nothing wrong with it. It was a DPMS lower with brand new internals and furniture. I couldn’t identify the flat top upper, but it was in great condition. The only odd thing was that it didn’t match the finish of the lower, which by the way they had disclosed in their advertisement. The only thing to consider is that it doesn’t come with any mags or rear sight, but most dealers will have that on hand for you when you get your rifle transfered in. We actually put a Yankee Hill rear sight on it, and outfitted him with a couple of Brownell‘s AR mags.

yhm-rear-sight.jpgbrownells-ar-mag.jpgMy customer was really pleased with how the entire experience turned out, and so was I. If you are looking for something that is going to be a shooter, or you are interested in three gun competition and find yourself a little short on cash, this is the gun for you. Check it out at their bargain bin page.