While it has certainly been a crazy couple of months for the gun industry, signs of normal production are starting to come back.  Yesterday our distributors were showing that they actually had Glocks in stock ready for immediate delivery.

Here is the catch; they still don’t have 9mm or 40 S&W.  45 GAP, 357 Sig, 10mm and 45 ACP were available.  If you have been thinking about buying one of the new SF models, there are some available.  If you are unfamiliar with the SF models, they are slim versions of the 45 ACP and the 10mm.  If you have wanted a large caliber Glock, but didn’t have large hands you were out of luck until the SF.

Finally, if you have been looking for mags, there are a few trickling in to dealers.  Hopefully it won’t be long until production levels can meet demands.  All in all this is a bright spot for those of you looking for Glocks or Glock accessories.